Nude portrait photography: Woman floating in dark water

Woman floating in dark water Nude portrait photography by photographer Kenneth Rimm

© Kenneth Rimm

Nude portrait photography

What may look like a simple nude portrait to photograph – it’s all but that.

I had the flu pretty bad, but considering the preparation, and not to mention the eager to do this shoot, made me bite the bullet. So armed with painkillers, of I went to the studio.

The night before we had built a large wooden frame, to form the pool the model  should float in. We also set up a narrow bridge for me to sit on, between to gigantic light stands, plus a adjustable bar for the camera. That way we could crop & frame the image perfectly.

The model Marie was one of my all time favorite models,  we knew each other well, so she felt comfortable being naked in front of the camera. Trying to convince models to be photographed  nude, if they really don’t want to  never comes out well.

I believe in treating people well & equal in general, and the better everybody feels including the models, the better they look & work. For the same reason we made the water hot, and had the hose running slowly to keep the temperature up.

What surprised me was how hard it was for the model to stay in place & position. For some reason she kept “drifting” to one side. To achieve the effect of the hair floating, I asked her to “head bang” slowly to get the movement.

Her super slim looking body, is actually the water &  shadows playing tricks, not because she is starving or anorectic.

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