Portrait photography inspiration: Portrait of my cousin Trevor

                                                     © Kenneth Rimm Portrait photography inspiration Inspiration for making good photography or art in general, does not come as a devine message from above.

Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood

  Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood I like to keep my portraits clean & simple. Close up with bare shoulders is the standard “styling”. Sometimes out of necessity, others because it just works best. That beeing said, working with a great stylist adding just the right thing,

Kai Vittrup in Kabul for Euroman magazine

Portrait of Kai Vittrup © by photographer Kenneth Rimm Kai Vittrup was the head of mission for EUPOL i Afghanistan for about 2 years. At age 66 Kai Vittrup was  headhunted to train the Saudi Arabian border Police. This portrait was photographed at EUPOLS base on Jalalabad road in Kabul. Security is pretty tight

Armadillo documentary

Armadillo documentary Just rewatched  the brilliant  Danish documentary Armadillo by director Janus Metz. There has been a lot og debate around here, especially about the way the soldiers cheer after killing. Despite the action packed scenes, you see that underneath the macho stuff, many of these these guys are marked for life.The quiet moments

Michael Falch portrait for Euroman magazine

Michael Falch © Kenneth RimmMichael Falch (Danish singer & actor) came straight from the set of the Danish movie Applaus playing a supporting role.The lead was played by the award winning actress Paprika Steen.They both play fantastic in this very strong & emotional film. His wife in the film is played by Sara-Marie Maltha,  who is

Hasselblad masters award semifinalist

  Hasselblad masters award semifinalist I have been good / lucky enough to reach the Hasselblad masters award semifinal in the beauty & fashion photography category. The beauty cover story was photographed for for the yearly beauty edition of ELLE magazine. The lens used was my all time portrait, beauty lens,

Elle Greece beauty

Elle Greece beauty   Makeup artist: Sine Ginsborg Model: Lana Digital imaging / retouch: Danker at The Color club Copenhagen. © Kenneth Rimm