Portrait photography inspiration: Portrait of my cousin Trevor

                                                     © Kenneth Rimm Portrait photography inspiration Inspiration for making good photography or art in general, does not come as a devine message from above.

Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood

  Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood I like to keep my portraits clean & simple. Close up with bare shoulders is the standard “styling”. Sometimes out of necessity, others because it just works best. That beeing said, working with a great stylist adding just the right thing,

Michael Falch portrait for Euroman magazine

Michael Falch © Kenneth RimmMichael Falch (Danish singer & actor) came straight from the set of the Danish movie Applaus playing a supporting role.The lead was played by the award winning actress Paprika Steen.They both play fantastic in this very strong & emotional film. His wife in the film is played by Sara-Marie Maltha,  who is