Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood


Black male wearing hooded coat black and white portrait photography by photographer Kenneth Rimm

© Kenneth Rimm

Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood

I like to keep my portraits clean & simple. Close up with bare shoulders is the standard “styling”. Sometimes out of necessity, others because it just works best.

That beeing said, working with a great stylist adding just the right thing, can really take images to a new level, which I think it did in this portrait of the model Roy.

While the make-up was being done, I was going through all the great stuff the stylist has found, and came across this  hooded coat. The fabric was kind of the the artificial grass you find in supermarkets.

I asked if he could put the coat on just for a quick look. When he took the hood on, it went to far and covered  his eyes. Before he had the chance to remove it, I stopped him.

Real quick I roled my main light over, placed him in front of the white wall of the London studio. Shot 1 role of black and white film & 1 color on the Hasselblad.

5 minutes later he was back in make-up so we could get going with the “real” images.

This image is one of my all time best portraits.

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