smiling girl beauty portrait copyright photographer kenneth rimm

Smiling girl © Kenneth Rimm

Smiling beauty
It never stop amazes me how much make-up – not to mention what a great make-up artist can do. I was shooting a beauty campaign for a international cosmetics company in Stockholm Sweden with some pretty heavy make-up. After the main shot, we needed some tiny  close ups, with a more natural skin & make-up. The model Elin was totally transformed & looked amazing with this transparent look. We were in good time, so I asked the client if it was ok to do a few shots of my own, which I often do if it’s appropriate. Often we end up using these extra  images, as a supplement or instead of the “real” ones.The smile just happened  & I shot. I love it!
© Kenneth Rimm

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  1. Khend says:

    Beautiful images, a great example of a team working to transform an idea to an image. wonderful.

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