Paolo Roversi exhibition Fotografiska Stockholm

Paolo Roversi exhibition Fotografiska Stockholm Paolo Roversi is one of my all time favorite artists & portrait photographers. Though many know, or perhaps see his images as fashion photography, his intimate portraiture & nudes, is one of the main reasons he stand out in the crowd. Besides models like Guinevere

Portrait photography inspiration: Portrait of my cousin Trevor

                                                     © Kenneth Rimm Portrait photography inspiration Inspiration for making good photography or art in general, does not come as a devine message from above.

Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood

  Black and white portrait photography: Roy with hood I like to keep my portraits clean & simple. Close up with bare shoulders is the standard “styling”. Sometimes out of necessity, others because it just works best. That beeing said, working with a great stylist adding just the right thing,

Nude portrait photography: Woman floating in dark water

Nude portrait photography What may look like a simple nude portrait to photograph – it’s all but that. I had the flu pretty bad, but considering the preparation, and not to mention the eager to do this shoot, made me bite the bullet. So armed with painkillers, of I went

Portraits of Afghanistan

Portraits of Afghanistan In Afghanistan the difference between rich and poor are enormous. We could meet ministers, heroin addicts living in the streets & everything in between – all in the same day. Large guarded houses with piles of garbage outside in the dirt covered streets, where animals & poor

Children in Kabul Afghanistan

  Portraits of Children in Kabul Afghanistan Going through my archives, I came across some unpublished portraits of children in Kabul Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a beautiful country, and we met so many nice people there. But the years of war has destroyed so much, and the future generations are the ones

Holger Juul Hansen

Holger Juul Hansen 1924 – 2013 I was asked by Euroman magazine to portray the Danish actor Holger Juul Hansen. Famous for he’s roles in Matador & Riget  ( The Kingdom )by Lars von Trier. Shot on 8×10 Polaroid film in 1 take – I did a second shot but the magic was gone.We talked

Steen Jørgensen Sort Sol

Steen Jørgensen Sort Sol This portrait of Sort Sol lead singer Steen Jørgensen was done a few years back for the Danish newspaper Politiken’s monthly supplement. I  got to pick 10 Danish celebrities with a strong personal style – not the worst conditions. It was a cold winter day & we shot outside using this

Kodak Professional black & white Film

Kodak Professional Portra 400 BW film for Saatchi & Saatchi New York. When I got this job for Kodak professional black and white film I thought great, I’m going to New York again. But no…money was tight, so we had to shoot in Copenhagen Denmark, working long distance with Saatchi

Kai Vittrup in Kabul for Euroman magazine

Portrait of Kai Vittrup © by photographer Kenneth Rimm Kai Vittrup was the head of mission for EUPOL i Afghanistan for about 2 years. At age 66 Kai Vittrup was  headhunted to train the Saudi Arabian border Police. This portrait was photographed at EUPOLS base on Jalalabad road in Kabul. Security is pretty tight

Armadillo documentary

Armadillo documentary Just rewatched  the brilliant  Danish documentary Armadillo by director Janus Metz. There has been a lot og debate around here, especially about the way the soldiers cheer after killing. Despite the action packed scenes, you see that underneath the macho stuff, many of these these guys are marked for life.The quiet moments

Afghanistans snow covered mountains

  Going to Afghanistan It was peaceful on the plane.People where sleeping for the most part.I was going along with the army and a bunch of journalists.I had a whole row of seats to my self but  could’t sleep, so I just looked out the window holding my camera close by.

Dark Beauty

The way you look at the world You can look at people & the World in general in many ways & we all see different things. The most interesting models are not always the ones people would look at on the street, they just have this little something extra you


  Smiling beauty It never stop amazes me how much make-up – not to mention what a great make-up artist can do. I was shooting a beauty campaign for a international cosmetics company in Stockholm Sweden with some pretty heavy make-up. After the main shot, we needed some tiny  close

Michael Falch portrait for Euroman magazine

Michael Falch © Kenneth RimmMichael Falch (Danish singer & actor) came straight from the set of the Danish movie Applaus playing a supporting role.The lead was played by the award winning actress Paprika Steen.They both play fantastic in this very strong & emotional film. His wife in the film is played by Sara-Marie Maltha,  who is